Sunday, 6 July 2008

Buy a Friend a Book

Or in my case give a friend a book! Just caught sight of this on a few people's blogs and have wanted to participate for ages! I have just caught it in time so if you would like one of the following books either email me or put a comment to this post. I will then get my lovely OH to pick a name out of a hat and that person will find a book winging their way to them in the next week! OK the choices are
The Shakespeare Secret by J.L. Carrell
The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter
Blaming by Elizabeth Taylor.
The Devil Wears Prada by Louise Weisberger

A mix of books and I hope people can find at least one on there that they like! When I have finished some reports I will come back and add some amazon links so people don't have to do a search to find what books are about.


tanabata said...

I'd love to have my name in for Blaming. Thanks. :)

Kelly said...

I will be closing this tomorrow and announcing the winner saturday!